Tuesday, April 12, 2016


All these years 
worried about 
the damned 
fish swimming
in different 
Thinking - yes, 
that's the problem.

Pisces: sensitive, 
compassionate - 
mmm, okay
Helpful, sociable - 
not so much
very - huh?
Hard to get 
a hold on ... 
slippery? Yes.

But the chart 
with the planets
for the first time 
shows her:
True Node
Starts reading - 
is not surprised
to learn - 
"mean nodes"
are normal.
True? No.
A legacy 
of lunacy, 
born out.

An Astrological Self-portrait - Matt Trease  
Using an astrological chart based on Birth-date, time and place - plus deciphering tools and language for same - we were tasked with writing a poem that grew from the language that evolved from this experiment. I loved doing this and ended up with quite a bit of material (which I'm happy to have actually) but in the end, found it hard to whittle down and went with the bit that fascinated me the most - the True Node - something to which I've never been exposed before.

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