Saturday, April 30, 2016


Nervously sipping wine, blue lipstick and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth
Be an animal, writing in restaurants, or the writing studio
Be a tourist in your own town, write anyplace; every Monday

More about Mondays - use loneliness - but don't use writing to get love
Be specific; don't tell, but show, the ordinary and the extraordinary
Make statements and answer questions; use the action sentence

First thoughts - whatever's in front of you - original detail
Go further - find a large field to wander in - a sensation of space
No hindrances - a new moment - tap the water table - use big concentration.

Writing is a communal act - talk is the exercise ground - a story circle
Writing marathons - spontaneous writing booths -trust yourself
Claim your writing - be the Samurai, or, the Goody-Two-Shoes nature

Mind, pen and paper - composting artistic stability - obsessions - listening
What are your deep dreams?  Living twice? Man eats car? A meal you love?
One plus one equals a Mercedes-Benz? Fighting Tofu? Don't marry the fly?

The power of detail and syntax; writing is practice but, is not a McDonald's hamburger
Engendering compassion, a little sweet - doubt is torture.  We are not the poem.
A big topic: going home. Epilogue: I don't want to die.

A found poem created using one of Greg Santos's constraints - Table of Contents poem - I used Natalie Goldberg's "Writing Down the Bones" TOC - it was an excellent choice.

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