Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baker's Dozen poem prompt ekphrastic (based on a photo)

In the Woods, a Tunnel
Just twigs, almost see-through
I had no idea when I entered it
That I would travel to another

Place, another dimension entirely
In just a few short steps, going
From one end of that tunnel

To the other in the woods
In broad daylight – I found myself
Stepping free of the thing

Into a massive field of flowers
The like of which I’ve never see
Multi-coloured flowers carpeting

The ground as far as I could see
And the perfume in the air
Was so heavy and intoxicating

My head hung down on my shoulders
And my eyes watered from the colours
Or the scents, I could not tell which

For a moment I thought this must be
How Alice felt when down the rabbit
Hole she tumbled – then my mind

Wandered off somewhere else
Then back again and worrying set in
Wondering where the tunnel was

And how I would get back to it
Or if I would and could I go through
To normal again? Would I want to...

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  1. awesome take...

    I could not find your entry on big tent poetry march 4,

    here is mine:

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